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What to Bring?

What to Bring?

What  to   Bring?

1. Please Bring World Peace. Thank you.

2. Not Much!  This is minimalist modern High class, yet affordable living in the big city of Los Angeles!  (18.71 million metropolitan, 10 million Los        Angeles county)

3. Ok, the ice breakers settled in and the ship has not hit any! Are you still engaged and ready enough to discover more?

4. Please Bring one set of twin bed sheets and comforter.  (we provide a clean or brand new, water proof- bed bug proof, human          proof Mattress cover)


5. Bring a gym sized Lock for your Private Wardrobe Closet.


6. You may bring, no larger that one gallon, sized Water container for your own personal, purified drinking water.  (hundreds of            water machines in the city, 1.25 for a gallon/avg) 


7.  We do have shared dishes and cups, but they are limited so we do not experience giant Dirty Dish mountains, so you may               bring one set of dish, utensil and cup ware to be stored, neatly in your room or dry food storage area or name-labeled in a             proper sized storage container, on top of your assigned fridge.

8. Your new Private wardrobe closet is approximately 2 feet deep by 3 feet wide and 5 and half to six feet tall.  It has hangers and          space for folded clothes.  Each Bedroom is unique at each house.  Some to all have extra shared shelving, nooks for clothing.            This is not your own room, so please be mindful of your shared space.  During the tour Ask the Touring Manager to help point          out to you all the possible nooks and crannies for your clothing, shoes, other personal items.

9. Laptops, cell phones, ipads, chargers; always keep these items near you.  We do not have a theft culture, but we do have many          people sharing one roof.  So, people can accidentally take a charger or it just gets lost in the shuffle and daily grind/fun.  Use a        book bag type apperatius to store your electronics.  Keep this by your bed or on top of your wardrobe.  Charging outlets for              electronics only are on each bunk bed. 

10. Bring a Positive outlook on life in Los Angeles.  Please Smile to all your new roomies and neighbors and you won't be messed            with ever! Please and thank you works very well when finding new jobs, preserving new gigs and holding on to people of good          value and merit. 

11. Filming Gear, Music Gear, misc gear/storage. 

  Rose House:

       a.  You may bring two large boxes for Rose House basement storage. Suitcases stored in basement.

       b.  If you have music gear, ask your tour manager for space under your bunk, space in the garage-workspace and garage attic                to store them.  We will be installing a Storage shed for Music and Film gear very soon. (5/17/21) GL

  Fig House: 

       a. You may bring one to two medium/large storage bin/boxes depending on your bedrooms extra shared storage space and                  space in the basement.  Please Consult with House manager during your Tour.  Suitcases stored in basement.

       b.  Music Gear/Film Gear - Please consult with house manager during your tour on best places to store in your bedroom and                  basement.  Soon we will have a shed with digital lock and camera for storing Creative Productions Gear! (5/17/21) GL

12. We provide two internet modems/routers, Toilet Paper, Hand Paper towels, kitchen rags, sponges, dish soap, Hand                            soap, washed bathroom rugs, furniture, Maid, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Property manager all for this very low price.

13.  Toiletries - Each house has communal shelving for your hair washes, soaps and grooming gear, but they are not meant for long         term storage.  There are some spots claimed for LTS, but what I recommend and did when I lived at the houses is have a                   Toiletry Pouch or Bag that I stored on top of my wardrobe or a space next to my bed or on a commons shelf in my bedroom.             This way nobody used my shampoo and shaving cream or perfume... !! Towel hooks in all bedrooms. 

14. You will have an individual Shared-housing lease.  Which qualifies you for legal stay in California.  DMV stuff.. and proof to a              future landlord or employer if they call for proof of tenancy.  It's a month 2 month lease. Thank you for reading this write up.              Please ask Geoffrey for anymore questions. 

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