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The Bohemian's Oasis Lodge vision is providing a peaceful-relaxed atmosphere at a very "doable" price for new-combers to Los Angeles.  Young Artist to be, Artists, Students, young Professionals, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and of course Musicians and Actors may study, shower, relax & focus on their craft while having more time, energy and money than a traditional studio or shared rental in L.A., in hopes of really exploring this city.  TBOL promotes a creative educational and diverse environment where people can grow as an individual and at the same time meet like minded folks, as many have created lasting friendships here and have continued to help each other out even past their time living at the Lodge.  There definitely is an alumni vibe that organically revolves around this particular property and company.  The Rooms are set up just like a Dorm or Hostile. It's an extended Hostile living.  Private wardrobe's, large shared walk in closets, many private nooks and Professional Maid service is 2x/wk, it almost feels like you are staying at a resort.  And, all utilities, paper products and soap comes with your rent!  Schedule a visit & have dispensable money to really get into L.A. functions, events, leisures, classes, friends, relations etc and enjoy the Bohemian's Oasis Lodge!  


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