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Our new Touring Video for all You  Out-of-town  Dreamers and shakers! 

This was 100% produced by people living and working at the Bohemian Oasis Lodge's.  Thank you Devin for making the vision closer to Reality for us All.  Sincerely,  Geoffrey.  #losangeles  #bohemianoasislodge

*Please check out our Resident Video Editor-Documentor Devin Greene's #Youtube channel for Business inquiries - Devin Greene - Documentaries, Book Reviews, Self-Help, Podcast, Sketch.

Rose House - Highland Park - Virtual Tour April, 2023

So the Lodge is like the Buddha and this is video periscope into the phsycial - currently The Fig House and new Rose House ! Thank u Andy for your Film Productions.

Filmed during the Summer of 2016.  Since then, new furniture has replaced old couches and chairs and or been added to the house.  We work with our best, in order to keep good quality of livin at the Bohemian's Oasis Lodge.  The rehearsal room now has a green screen color wall! Lot's of spaces to work with.  Fill out the easy Application and our housing manager will contact you for an in person or Skype tour if not in L.A. 

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