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This is ideally for millennial Artist, Writers, Actors, Students, Musicians, entrepreneurs or long term traveler/explorers.  We have super cozy, clean, friendly and more spacious rooms and storage space for luggage and guitars, surf boards, bikes than most boutique Hostel/Dorms in L.A. Proper.  We have a 7 foot Iron Fence with key-code deadbolt entry points that keeps the Property very Private and safe.  A Huge and Beautiful Garden of Bougainvilleas elope the Properties boards giving it a feel-good fresh and airy Vibe.  The hammock, porch & couches also help keep it laid back. The Honorable Maid swings by 2x/wK for a deep cleanse.  Zero Cult mentality by the management.  People who live here network, create and hang together organically at the BOL.  Respect and following the common sense house rules leads to your success.  Be free to make friends, start and have a life in L.A., shower and cook at the Oasis and free to do your thang in Los Angeles! 


The space


Fig - Basically a super affordable/cozy monthly living situation that isn't sketch with tons of like minded young folks doing the L.A. lifestyle.  If you have furniture, you will need to find a storage unit.  We have Private-lockable wardrobe closets for each guest.  Large enough to store 2 to 4 carry on type luggage of clothes.  Additional walk in size closets with shelves in each room.  Basement for large suitcases and some boxes per guest. Common areas include - spacious 55 inch t.v. & couch area.  5 recliners.  We replace couches anytime they show heavy wear or bad smells.  Computer desks.  We have two high speed cable internet modems. No complaints.  A few nooks and balconies with seating.  Huge covered porch with more couches.  Plenty of Gate area to lock up bikes.  Parking for moped or motorcycles with gate clicker.  Plenty of Free city street parking. (By L.A. Standards - you'll see)  Two Kitchens.  Plenty of food storage for dry and cold.  We are one of the most comfortable and affordable and clean shared living properties in L.A. 

Rose - Brand new addition to the Familia.  Two kitchens, 4k 55inch T.V. lounge, Parlor room, extra large personal wardrobes, one block from the famous Highland Park Theatre and all the other kitchy places on the boulevard! Dual Highspeed internet modems, work desk, Main dining Room with Bar stools, fire pit, canopy's, yoga area, Water filter, and central A/C.   


Guest access


Fridges, Dry food Storage.  Private Closet storage.  Ample Shelving in rooms.  Plenty of Wifi bandwidth.  Green room for filming.  Vocal recording in basement or certain other quiet nooks.  Gated Parking for bikes and motor bikes and cars when avail.  Hand and dish soap and t.p. and hand towels come with Monthly stay.  Large Garden and yard for Mature Gatherings, Project collaboration plannings, BBQ-ing (one propane and one charcoal), Ping Pong table outside under a Tent.  A few nooks for quiet reading, lounging, smoking.


Property Maintenance interaction


Bi-weekly Maid, Julia!  (3 years), House Manager's (2 years - who live on site, in their own private room) and I personally visit/work weekly to help out with all of them and my Lodgers when and before needed.  We have great working relationships with our plumbers and electricians and appliance service technicians, who come super quickly for repairs compared to this city's real estate requirements.  We manage this operation with the integrity of professional manner & philosophy; to sum it up, most of the Lodgers create their own events/thing while living at these houses.  We, the main management are not there to babysit 24-7, but we are in communication with all living here indefinitely for Great guidance and patience.  Everyone signs the house lease and is emailed the copy with all the common-sense house rule's basic manners.  This is all written in pursuit of overall communal peace and communal feng shui success.  Also everyone eventually knows me by face and I am there as for communicative guidance-support when needed per the living arrangements.  That is the boring stuff.


 Truly a Lot of films, music, ideas, art in general, saving on rent money, gaining knowledge for the city, wisdom and bonding and friendships are constantly happening here along these parts.


Other things to note


Fig - Honestly, a gem for people who would like to take advantage of super cheap L.A. rent in a huge gated property with huge Garden Privacy Walls.  Guys and Girls.  Separate Girl rooms and Guy Rooms and at times a Co-ed room.  Girls have their own kitchen, but everyone can use the main larger kitchen downstairs.  it is a real life Oasis for L.A. at this price and accommodations and staff.  Showers run hot and appliances all work proper.  Bus Stop one house down on a main road, newly paved, super close to new stadium and restaurants, Ross, groceries and USC police patrols and Downtown L.A./Subway that goes all the way to Hollywood and North Hollywood and soon to the beaches. Cheap Uber and lyft.  Friends to car-pool.  Ample street parking and hwy access. 

Rose - Same as above, both are an Oasis, near-away from the mayhem of touristy and

seedy-ness side of Hollywood, the concrete jungle dessert of K-town, or Homeless over flow epidemic of Downtown and of course, the absurd renting prices trend set off by weho which has taken over L.A.!  Yet, when there is a will, there is a way.  So if you dreamed of living and working in L.A., this is a great place to become rooted.


The neighborhood

Fig - Mostly family houses surround the property and some affordable car mechanic shops!  The bars and restaurants of USC are 1 mile East on Figueroa St, on the way is the new California Banc Soccer Stadium and the mecca of Downtown Los Angeles is same Road about 3 more miles dead center.  The USC LAPD police patrol and Vermont Harbor police patrol our area often.  The neighborhood city lots over hear overall are very wide and spacious compared to 90% of L.A.  Naturally, everyone new to the Lodge makes friends and in turn help each other quickly upon where to get things done near the Fig House.   The Entire property is enclosed with tall iron fence with enormous thorned bougainvillea bushes that have tons of flowers surrounding the Lodge with tiki fence filling in the gaps.  Lot's of space to stretch out at this property compared to many other shared living properties locations.  More importantly way cleaner and cozier with no crazy-lazy landlord leaving you in the dust with 20 plus or worse, micro managing it with little common sense for the art of..  Our Fig house manager, Maid, and Property manager is enough to keeping Fig Beautiful and breezy.  

Rose - Literally one block from the main Boulevard.  The Highland Park Theatre is one block over from there.  The main Avenue, Figueroa, is chalk filled with mom and pop type shops from copy and print, herbs, boutique thrift clothing shops, lots of delicious and affordable Mexican cuisine to Peruvian and Korean cuisine.  There is a large public pool in Highland Park, a giant public park, the long time standing Highland Film Festival, NELA Arts Festival, the Gold line connects you straight to downtown, Korea town, Hollywood, only blocks away from the House!  Local Bars,  Mechanics, it's the simalar area and vibe as Silver Lake, Echo Park, Pasadena..  Even the city has monthly parking lots at only 45 per month!  It's a super quiet neighborhood in the heart of L.A.  Highland Park is adjacent to Eagle Rock, Silver Lake and Echo Park.  Rolling hills surround the area.  This Property has no L.A. car traffic noise pollution.  Location!


Getting around


Fig - Plenty of Free Street Parking.  Ample areas to lock bikes inside property.  Space avail for 3 motorcycles.  If want clicker, that can be arranged.  4 spots for gated car parking.   First come first serve, usually one opens up every month or two.  Next to 110 Hwy, main city street-arteries, Bus Stop 50 feet from house (not over packed) Direct metro line to Downtown L.A. which is 1.7 miles straight shot from the Lodge down Figueroa St.  Where the main Subway, underground train line is located.  Sweet.

Rose - Gold Line is a few blocks away.  Connects you to Downtown and Hollywood to North Hollywood and soon the subway will go to Santa Monica Beach (under construction)  There are city monthly parking lots at only 45 per month near by and some decent free street parking blocks away from the house.  Of couse the buses and uber/lyft.  

The Bohemian's Oasis Lodge
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