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The Burbank House  - Main st, Burbank, CA - $700/ Month

All Utilities/Weekly Maid/ Toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, private wardrobe


Brand new addition to the B.O.L. Family.  This house is located centrally in Burbank, CA.  Burbank is a suburban city part of Los Angeles county.  There are wide neighborhood blocks here with Bike lanes on almost all the main streets.  Very Bike Friendly city.  Movie, Music, Dance, Trade Schools, Colleges are in the vicinity of the San Fernando Valley.   

Burbank is famous for Movie, TV, Dance, Music companies.  It is only 20-25 minutes drive to Hollywood. 

The Burbank house has central A.C.  There is ample street parking, and we have Bike holders inside the property. 

Grocery Outlet and Ralphs are closest Grocery Store.  Metro bus 96 to Ralphs and Metro 155 to Grocery Outlet. Downtown Burbank is 1 mile north of the house.  The Train-Metro (Antelope line) is .9 miles from the house.  

If you have no car or a car, this location will work well for you.    

Burbank house will have two house managers who help manage the trash and kitchen when the maid is not deep cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen.  Coin laundry on site.  The house will have a computer room, dinning room, lounge-study room, back yard with shade, couches, hammocks and a Air-conditioned Garage for music and theatrical production use.  Bedrooms will have study wood bunks with private lockable wardrobe closest.   Keyless entry on all bedroom doors.  Very quiet neighborhood.  Sleep well at Burbank house.  Community pool, parks, comedy stores, it's all in Burbank.

This is month 2 month lease and many people live at our houses for over a year to 3 years.  And there are 3 to 6 month lodgers.

Please contact us to schedule a tour of the house!  Contact US Here

Burbank House:  The Amenities : $700 on time rent cost

- 3 Full Bathrooms

- Weekly Maid service of entire house ( disinfected showers and sinks , entire house mopped)

- Lockable Private Wardrobe (2x3x6 ft) 

- Each Room has Air conditioning

- Two House Managers managing trash, kitchen, and housemates.

- Keyless entry on all bedrooms/entrance/Garage production space

- Gigabyte Hi-speed Internet modem/wifi

- Security cameras in common rooms

- Orkin Pest Control

- Bike racks inside gated property lines

- Shared closet storage space unique per bedroom for light music/production gear/etc (one medium box)

- Garage Production space for electronic music, guitar, keyboards.  Theatrical and Choreography space 

( Light production work during daytime hours - Observance City of Burbank Sound Ordinance )

- Computer room with desks and padded chairs

- Outdoor Sink

- Assigned Fridge and dry food space 

- Back yard for lounging - couches, hammocks, umbrella tables

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