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7 Years Providing for the City: the Bohemian's Oasis Lodge: May 2021

Dear Los Angeles, Planet Earth and Beyond,

The Bohemian's Oasis Lodge is a universal, age old concept of uniting all life forms. So, Shooting Straight to the HIp. Geoffrey, the pioneer and operator of the current facilities is still a working/practicing entertainment and Productions Oriented Artist. He manages the daily copesthetics of all the inner workings of these wonderful living arrangements inside the giant mecca of L.A. #bohemianoasislodge

He is a very young at heart, 37, but an old soul and around 1583 years old. ( just a conspiracy, keep reading please ) He migrated to Los Angeles from the pitts of Florida, about 11 years ago. He battled thru the swamps and marine abundant beaches for a college degree in late 2007 with a bachelor's in Business-Sciences. Geoffrey studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse for 2 years, Well, really he dove in first in Orlando, Florida at a Meisner technique school for beginners. The final year of his acting studies was with a private Acting coach in Los Feliz for 6 months. He charged 300 a month and it was very good experience for Geoffrey. The one on one directions really helped him to fully understand the core of acting and putting it down on the film with like a classical 40-s to mid 2000s Movie Star. He booked a starring role in an indie film and had 3 legitimate Agents at one time during this period. It was the rapid changes in the whole world around this time period that had him change his path and dedication from practicing and working as an Actor full time in the city of Angels. In that time he landed over 20 short film leads and supporting actor roles thru auditioning and his own private networking. "It was a lot of fun and I will forever be grateful with zero regrets for the rest of my life." - Geoffrey L.

During this early time he also worked part time at the W and begain transitioning into a Professional Event/Nightlife/Wedding/working DJ @thoughtyounu. ANd more wild times unfolded. Los Angeles.. heyyyyy!

Following the cusp of a new chapter in time, dodgy experiences, great times and great lows via his networking and working in ranks and various sectors throughout the industry, he met a working actor who was providing this affordable housing to artist in L.A. As the city's rent was averaging 900 to 1200 for a bedroom and people seemed to have to fight for job hours and decent tips, cerca 2009-2013. After a long, hot summer of 2014 and couch surf-fering, Geoffrey decided to take the job offer of this Actor to manage his Artist house.

The house seemed 3rd world the way it was managed.. Geoffrey knew it could be done with much more compassion and ingenuity than the previous, scene. The charismatics of this actor was the lure.. Super, Long story short, the people who were doing this good housing, do not do it anymore, and Geoffrey has been able to keep his tenant-Artist and Students safe and sound from all the world's drama ever since. Then 2020 happened. LoL. And we still here!!

The Bohemian's Oasis Lodge ( Bohemian Oasis Lodge ) offers the most safe and affordable and clean, quiet, organized, laid back yet focused extended living family community hostel, structure, created in Los Angeles. Other older and richer entities have taken his concepts and made more shared living accommodations throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Japan to Europe; he has observed them popping up on the interwebs and old people webs. Usually for more money per month too. Maybe they have some nicer work spaces, but Geoffrey is working on upgrading all the B.O.L.'s common areas consistently, while maintaining the rent price. Trying to keep it stable and not have to increase it every year.

With that said, Rent in its respected Los Angeles neighborhoods is $580 and %495 per month, still in 2021. And it includes almost everything One person needs to live comfortably at our houses. It may need to go up a tad more, but more micro jobs will come along with that. The increase is for the increasing power and water bills from the city's one municipality and rising operating cost on all sectors, unfortunately. Fortunately this rent increase will be 10 to 15 more per month and Geoffrey will do his best to try and keep it this rate for at least 2 years. Geoffrey does not support Price Gouging. He does support a fair deal for a fair product or service for all Human Kind. "You work hard to create your Art and be a good person more days that not, and no one should be required to perform for free their whole lives, let alone every 1st gig". - quote from an old roomie/Music Licensing and tour manager - Marina Mena of Universal Music Group. R.I.P.

Geoffrey continues to work in sound stage production, perform-work as DJ/MC, special security jobs for Lionsgate, helped his long time friend from college start a flight school as he provides jobs and affordable shelter for students and artist in L.A. When the opportunity presents itself to Geoff, he also finds gig/jobs for his B.O.L. roomies. #networking

He hopes that all the good, the bad and the realest people continue to support him thru all the shared endeavors we may encounter in the pursuit of the humble greater World. He will always ask politely if we will always follow the common ground rules first when living at the houses. Think of it as crossing an Ocean thru time. Follow the rules and you may survive..

He wants to let you know even if you are living in a bunk bed with a bunch of people you never met before, as long as you adhere to the printed house rules, you will find great cozyness, strength, courage, abundance, synchronicities, money savings, higher paying jobs, Film, Music, all types of Artistry Gigs, friendships and love while living here. Which all these positive strength character building qualities will propel you to higher.

And to the the past and future Scholarly, brilliant and talented Artists and students, mind we, whom have lived here and had a great experince for all the right reasons, it's been Geoffrey's pleasure being of service to you ALL!!!

If You want to live here, dream to live here and experience L.A. because you have a passion for this life. And that's a mighty long time. Then come on down to the B.O.L. and make it happen. We have all the stuff here for all of us to feel needed, appreciated and create our own individual and shared-individual successes leading to higher education and living for all human kind.

All Our Best Wishes,

The Bohemian's Oasis Lodge.

P.s. this pic from the 2017-2018 Fig crew. The pandemic took a toll on all of us, but we know newer diversity of diversity of group pics are coming this way! ; ) We house everyone, but not just everyone. There is a standard Application check to live here. We don't care what gender or race you are, but we do care what and who your as a person first, then Artist or Student of person of Life! We only really care if you are kind, fun, motivated to want to live here or just plain talented and (disclaimer here) do not have a tumultuous criminal background! hahaha,,, so, You gotta own doing your own dishes and not be not cool and you'll definitely excell in L.A. and get to stay longer. Facts. Probably making some bad ass music and film and memories along the way too. Or getting your degree at the same time! So, the choice is yours. Do you take the Red Pill or the Blue?

Our Instagram represents all current pics of the house's layouts, amenities and the brave souls who share their work and testimonies with Geoffrey and the B.O.L. on the DL. Geoffrey does not like to publicize everyone and everything just for a buck. It comes from the heart. This is first and foremost your private Home. @bohemianoasislodge

2021 Bohemian Oasis Lodge

Student Artist Housing, llc

Geoffrey Lichtman


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